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Content Developer Internship


Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

JOb Description & Requirements

The purpose of this position is to create content to be used by Crown Connections. Being the fact, that Crown Connections is a new company there must be a formative state in which content is created and branded for promotion and engagement. Thus, this position will be key in helping create the branding strategy Crown Connections will use. The position will not be solely responsible for the strategy but will be integral in its creation. The content created can be but is not limited to: articles relevant to the nonprofit sector or the Crown Connections team; social media content; surveys and feedback methods.


  • Help develop Content Development plan and strategies for Crown Connections

  • Report to Co-Founders in regards to task and project completion

  • Research industry-related topics such as *Nonprofit funding trends over the last decade”

  • Interview industry professionals and post the conversations on blogs


  • Develop content to be used on various platforms rather than virtual or physical

  • Write informative articles about the nonprofit sector

  • Help develop Crown Connections' first series of Newsletter Editions

  • Work directly with Katie as a point person for projects and professional development concerns

  • Work directly with digital and social media marketing intern to synchronize branding across all platforms rather than physical or virtual

Job Requirements:

  • Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

  • Experience with social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, instagram, google+)

  • Attention to detail and excellent organization skills

  • Possess creativity, energy, and boundless ideas

  • Knowledgeable and experienced with technology and comfortable working in a virtual office environment

  • Proficiency with email and have smartphone access

  • Must be a self-starter and comfortable both with taking initiative and with working collaboratively as a team

  • Flexible and able to work effectively with a variety of leadership styles.

  • Passionate about learning and growing with the organization

  • Experience working with social media platforms with nonprofits, businesses, and consultants

  • Experience working with WIX platform *is a plus*

About the Company

Crown Connections's mission is to help support and elevate nonprofits in five keys areas. Crown Connections (CC) specializes in Community Engagement, Programmatic Design and Development, Revenue Development, Grant Writing, and Strategic Planning.

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