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Community Engagement

Every non-profit organization must be able to engage the community and at the very least the population it aims to serve. This can be done effectively if the proper plan is in place. Through assessment, strategy, and implementation an organization is able to interact and build trust with a community at large.  Crown Connection sees this organizational capacity as a necessity to a non-profit organization to become sustainable and self-sufficient. Thus we aim to offer clients the following services:

  • Community Engagement Strategy Development and implementation

  • Area Research and Assessment 

  • Asset Based Development 

  • Community Canvassing 


Programming Design and Development 

When an organization understands its mission and purpose the next step is to facilitate programming and services to achieve the mission while providing additional revenue. With various populations and opportunities, non-profit organizations need assistance in measuring the impact and outcomes of the services rendered and programs facilitated. Crown Connections seeks to assist non-profit organizations with programmatic assessment and development to ensure the intended impact is felt, measurable, and sustainable.  

  • Programmatic Revenue Development

  • Programmatic Impact and Evaluation

  • Programmatic Data-Driven Results


Revenue Development 

Non-profit Organizations, although tax-exempt, are still businesses in need of consistent revenue. Thus there are key elements that must be considered to maintain revenue and seek additional sources of income. The first is understanding how to seek new opportunities through programming, services, grants, in-kind donations, or unrelated business. The second is to ensure the organization is not dependent on one source of revenue but instead has a diversified revenue flow. Crown Connection seeks to assist clients in diversifying their revenue streams while ensuring current streams of revenue are sustainably developed and managed. 

  • Revenue Inventory 

  • Fundraising Event Efficiency 

  • Nonprofit Benchmarking 

  • Measurement of Financial Health 

  • Revenue Diversification Recommendations


Grant Writing

Grant writing is a great way to bring additional revenue to your non-profit organization. Despite this fact, grant writing is not a sustainable source of revenue. Thus, when choosing to pursue grants it is important to be strategic and ensure the opportunity aligns with the mission of the organization. Crown Connections aim to assist organizations by researching and assessing possible opportunities. Thereafter, in collaboration with your non-profit organization, we will write, complete, and submit grant applications that are most appropriate and feasible for the client. 

  • Conducting studies to determine support for your funding objectives

  • Researching foundations and prospects must be in alignment with your organization

  • Writing compelling proposals and cases for support

  • Editing proposals for impact

  • Developing budgets that stand up to funders’ scrutiny


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of an organization identifying needs and goals, thereafter finding ways to accomplish them. Through various phases such as assessment and community engagement, the strategic planning process can lay out a way of accomplishing key goals within the organization. Through services offered by Crown Connection, organizations are able to assess, analyze, and create a plan that leads to their success and long-term sustainability. 

  • Visioning and SWOT Analysis

  • Focus Group Facilitation

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  • Strategic Plan

Community Engagement
Programming Design&Dev
Revenue Dev
Grant Writing
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Strategic Planning

Let's Work Together

With our diverse backgrounds and resources, we seek to support your organization in any or all of the key five areas listed above. 

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